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Post-Baby Girdle: Does It Really Work?    

Medical grade girdles are usually used for recovering liposuction patients to make sure that the skin tightens properly, but now they are being used by new mothers.

An increasing amount of women are hearing more and more about girdles and corsets, and how they get you back into your before-baby pants faster!

Brands like Belly Bandit, and Bellefit claim to help shrink your belly, minimize stretch marks, and decrease bloating and swelling.

People who have used these methods claim it's not for everyone. Considering you have to wear it day and night for a long period of time (6 to 8 weeks).

Imagine how sweaty and uncomfortable that would be!

It is recommend that women begin wearing a girdle the day they are discharged from the hospital.

Prices for these body shaping girdles range from $50 to more than $165, depending on brand, fabric, and how much it covers.

It's also tricky to find one that isn't very noticeable under your clothes.

How do these girdles claim to do the trick? The tightness draws in the stretch marks, provides a support structure around the torso, while reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks.

"Reducing stress in these areas enhances your body's ability to return to it's pre-pregnancy alignment, shape and lose the post baby tummy," explains Bellefit on it's website.

But don't get too excited, Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, recently spoke about the topic in an Expert Answers post on the Mayo Clinic website. 

"Although you may appear thinner when you wear a girdle, the girdle doesn't strengthen or tone your abdominal muscles," says Laskowski.

"Girdles just temporarily compress and redistribute fat and skin around the abdomen. When it comes to a flat stomach, diet and exercise -- not undergarments -- are what count."

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-30, 13:37:20

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