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Q: As a woman, I fear my arms and legs will get bigger from lifting weights. True or false?
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Sports Clichés We’ve sifted through thousands of hours of post-game locker-room tape to bring you 11 of the top clichés used by athletes. And believe us when we say we gave it 110 percent—okay, there’s one outta the way!

Illustration of a baseball player speaking to the press.

• “We’ve got another one in the win column, and that’s all that matters.”

• “We’re just going to take it one game at a time.”

• “They really brought their A game tonight.”

• “I’m the last one to make excuses.”

• “I want to thank God for this victory.”

• “We know what we gotta do; we just gotta go out there and do it.”

• “This is a childhood dream; you couldn’t write a better script.”

• “We’re going to get things turned around.”

• “The boys had a point to prove today.”

• “No comment.”