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Q: I’ve tried all sorts of diets with no luck. Just give it to me straight: What’s the best way to lose body fat?
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2Profile: Trish Stratus & HubbyLong before she was posing as a fitness model, before she was a wrestling diva, before she was hosting CBC’s The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend, Trish Stratus was falling in love with her high school sweetheart, Ron. * Here’s what the former WWE vixen and her home builder hubby have to say about how they keep things interesting.

Four photographs of Trish Stratus and her husband in bed together.

On how they met and fell in love:
Ron says: We’ve known each other since we were kids, but, of course, boys and girls at that age don’t really like each other. Then we met years down the road [in high school]…That’s when her sister and I became good friends. It’s kind of weird because I’d be calling the house for her sister and then I’d end up talking to Trish. It just progressed naturally from there.
Trish says: The summer of Grade 12 he said to me, “I can’t be friends with you anymore because the more I hang out with you, the more I fall in love with you.” We spent the summer apart and were totally missing each other, and my mom said to me, “What do you have to lose? You’ve already lost your best friend.” So I called him up and said, “Will you be my boyfriend?” That was the beginning.

On the importance of being friends first:
Ron says: We’ve always come to the conclusion that when we’re in our 60s or 70s, the physical attraction won’t matter. My worst fear would be sitting in a restaurant and having nothing to talk about.
Trish says: That’s why we have such a lasting relationship—because we were friends first and foremost. We weren’t playing that girlfriend-boyfriend role when you are on your best behaviour and then the reality check hits you later. You see your true self when you’re friends first.

On brains versus beauty:
Ron says: Without brains, beauty is nothing. I don’t think I’d be with Trish this long if there weren’t anything upstairs.
Trish says: I used to get asked all the time, “How do you feel about people viewing you as a sex symbol?” And I’d say, “That’s fine, I got your attention and now I have something to say.” I’ve always viewed those openings as an opportunity to knock down preconceived notions of what a successful woman should be. Brains first and foremost.

On staying fit together:
Ron says: She does a lot more than I do, but it’s fun to get out. It doesn’t mean we have to go to the gym, but we like to be active—ride bikes, go rollerblading, that kind of stuff.
Trish says: I’ve always trained for the purpose of my job, but when I injured my back three years ago, Ron and I started going for these long walks and we both loved it. We bonded, and Ron started losing weight without trying.

On the importance of humour:
Ron says: There’s a lot of comedy in our relationship. We make fun of each other a lot—jokingly, of course.
Trish says: Humour is actually one of the most important elements in a relationship. It’s nice to be with a fellow goofball.

On keeping things fresh:
Ron says: We’re both really busy people. That has kept it fresh just naturally, I guess. If I saw somebody 24 hours, seven days a week, I can see how things could get stale. But we’ve never had a routine to fall into—it’s just whatever comes at us.
Trish says: Every year we say, “Okay, what are we going to do this year that’s new?” When we got married, we took dance lessons for a full year and we actually choreographed a tango routine for our first dance. Another year, we totally got into the videogame Dance Dance Revolution. We’re such nerds. And this year we’re taking golf lessons.

*Trish requested that Ron's last name not be used for privacy reasons.