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Q: I’m ready to quit smoking. Any tips?
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I Ran a Marathon with My Girlfriend (and Survived!)Writer Mark Moyes on what it was like to train and run the Chicago marathon with his lover.
Battle of the SexesSomewhere around adolescence, boys-vs.-girls playground wars see-saw in favour of the hairier gender. Never mind physiology, the playing field can always be levelled--provided you choose the right games.
How to Play Poker with Your Wife(And keep everything hunky-dory.)
2Profile: Julia Taffe & Colin ZachariasWhen a dancer/stunt woman meets a mountain guide, they take the next logical step: Rig up ropes and dance off the sides of mountains and skyscrapers.
Board Games for Bored Couples7 cool, couple-friendly games.
Get Fit Together!Can you imagine how easy it would be to get a workout in if your partner would partake in it with you? Here are some tips to get the two of you on the same program…
5 Ways to Turn Your Gal Into a NASCAR Fiend
Good EatsHearty and healthy meals.
10 Great Ways for Couples to Get in Shape
Sports Clichés We’ve sifted through thousands of hours of post-game locker-room tape to bring you 11 of the top clichés used by athletes. And believe us when we say we gave it 110 percent—okay, there’s one outta the way!
Body LanguageWhat you don’t know can hurt you...literally. Brush up on your health and fitness knowledge with these stats and tips.
Knockout Sports Movies for Him and HerOur five flick picks are a perfect blend of sports and romance, sure to be a knockout for both of you.
2Profile: Jennifer Hedger & Sean McCormickAt a mutual friend’s wedding in 2004, TSN’s Jennifer Hedger (SportsCentre) and Sportsnet’s Sean McCormick (Connected Primetime) found their playful eyes locked in an epic game of “No, you blink first.”
Totally Wicked-Rad Sports to TryNow that we have your attention, here are nine great activities to try that are fun and adventurous and will help get you in tip-top shape!
Best Sports Curses When losing streaks span decades, fans’ rational synapses begin to fry. How else can we explain why championship droughts are blamed on curses? Here’s a trio of hexes in hockey, baseball and racing that continue their vexing effects.