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Q: We are decorating our nursery and have been offered a used crib, dresser and change table. (Yes, they meet current safety standards!) Any tips on freshening them up?
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Design on a Dime2 gets the 411 on how to decorate your home chicly and cheaply from Frank Turco, manager of colour, trend and design at Home Depot Canada.

Photograph of a couple canoodling amongst painter's drop cloths.

“Old” is the new “new”.
One of the top decor trends for fall ’09 is “a return to the classics and traditional elements, but with a twist,” says Turco. Couples should look for “something in their homes that they can rejuvenate” (e.g. dusting off an old crystal chandelier and affixing it to the bathroom ceiling for a luxe touch).

DIY is on the rise.
DIY activities such as flooring and painting are both fun and economical for twosomes, says Turco. Save some cash by getting your hands dirty instead of outsourcing the work to contractors.

Rearrange to make a change.
Rearranging furniture is a great no-cost way to revitalize your living space, suggests Turco. Simply moving or removing a chair or table can give a room a whole new look.

It’s the little things.
Small cosmetic changes to your home’s exterior (e.g. repainting the front door, replacing an old mailbox) can have a big impact on its curb appeal. And the bonus? These simple modifications “don’t cost a lot of money,” says Turco.

Anything to add? Send us your design tricks here.