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Q: We are having our hardwood floors sanded and stained but can’t decide between a light or dark stain. Which is the way to go?
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Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It?If you're anything like me, you've got a household to-do list that's longer than the summer solstice...

I'm not talking about major projects, like finishing the basement or repaving the front walk--though my husband and I have plenty of those jobs on hold, too. No, I'm referring to those pesky little home improvements that always seem to get put off for a rainy day that never comes--fixing the leaky kitchen faucet, replacing that obnoxiously sensitive smoke detector, installing a dimmer switch in our daughter's bedroom--the list goes on.

I'll admit, our shared penchant for procrastination plays a big role in our shirking of responsibilities here, but there's more to it than that. Like a lot of you, we're first-time homeowners and, half the time, we just don't know what the heck we're doing when it comes to even the simplest household improvement. It's an intimidation/information thing, really: We're perfectly capable when shown the way, we just need a little help getting started.

Canadian Tire's House of Innovation.Enter HouseOfInnovation.ca, a shining beacon of hope in ours and probably many other households. The online initiative, launched today by Canadian Tire, is a how-to hub for DIYers-in-training, like me and my hubby. The site is chock full of videos featuring innovative products, smart ideas and clever tips to help you start finally crossing things off that household to-do list.

Each video is filmed on location in a real Toronto house, which was purchased by the retailer. Throughout the year, Canadian Tire will continue to make home improvements to the House of Innovation, tackling everything from energy-efficiency to gardening to home organization to miscellaneous repairs and documenting every step of the process on the site. Once all the renovations have been completed, the house will be sold with all proceeds to benefit JumpStart.

I have a feeling my house is going to owe Canadian Tire a thank-you note pretty soon. Better add that to the to-do list…

Posted by Beth Maher
2011-06-02, 14:59:38