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exp_tamarachiarello.png Tamara Chiarello, Decor Diva

Decor diva Tamara Chiarello solves your design dilemmas.

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Most of our furniture is contemporary to modern and very clean-lined, but we just inherited a giant antique armoire from my parents’ farmhouse. It is so different from the rest of our stuff and also much bigger, but we do like it. How do we make it work?
We just bought a home that has a shower-in-bathtub set-up. We would love to replace it with a proper shower stall. Got any advice?
We are finally ready to finish our basement (our living room is small and our new baby came with a lot of stuff), but we are really stuck on what flooring to use. We like the warm and inviting look of wood, but aren’t sure if it’s practical for a basement
We’d like to hang a chandelier in our bedroom, but the present ceiling light is just a bit off-centre from our bed. Help!
We are putting a little wet bar area in our basement but are afraid that the laminate top that suits our budget may look too kitcheny. Any suggestions?
My fiancé finally purchased the flat screen of his dreams, but the only spot that it fits is above the fireplace, and I’m afraid that our cozy living room is a thing of the past. What can we do to make it work?
How do we make the most of our small, urban backyard?
We’re thinking of painting our aluminum window trim until we can replace our windows. Any tips?
We dug up the scruffy bushes along one side of our yard and now all we can see is our ugly chain-link fence, which we can’t afford to replace. The cedars we budgeted for will be small and take years to grow above the fence. Any tips in the meantime?
What are some great starter tips for decorating on a budget?
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