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Cheeky Etsy Vendor Will "Jazz Up Your Crap"

Do you ever look at all of the crap in your house -- the Elvis bust your husband bought at a yard sale; the fish-hook earrings from an old coworker -- and feel sad that it's destined for the dump?

Rescuing crap from its landfill fate is quirky Etsy vendor Cappy Sue. For a small fee, she will transform your commonplace junk into dazzling, one-of-a-kind objects d'art

Cappy Sue's creations are outlandish and border on what most would call "tacky." However, the collaborative spirit of her work is inspiring, and the humor she injects into her creations is a refreshing break from the scores of cookie-cutter handmade goods out there. Your striking Cappy Sue Creation will definitely be a conversation starter at your next Games Night.

While Cappy Sue's work has been featured in Salon and Flash News, it has also made the notorious Regretsy, a sort-of online black list of Etsy vendors whose tasteless products you'd expect to find gathering dust in the basement of a St. Vincent de Paul. But the Regretsy feature didn't dismay the eccentric creator; rather, she embraced the fact that she is "a nut in [her] creations and there is no point trying to pretend otherwise."

See? You should never silence your inner quirk! Check out Cappy Sue's blog, Jazz Up Your Crap, for more inspired art makeovers. [BUZZFEED]

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-01-25, 10:29:56

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