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Q: Can we mix stainless-steel appliances with existing white ones in our kitchen?
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Entertain Like A Pro With MarthaCelebrations

JC Penney is giving Martha Stewart devotees something to celebrate.

Today, the retailer introduced the much-anticipated MarthaHome, a range of products from Martha's design studio that help customers beautify and simplify their lifestyle. 

The queen of entertaining literally thought of everything while designing MarthaCelebrations, her line of stylish party products that meet every hostess's needs. The colorful line has party essentials and more -- from festive garlands and decorative paper plates, to cupcake liners and gift wrapping. She's even got her own colorful candies that double as decor details! 

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or baby shower or creating DIY touches for your wedding, you'll definitely want to check out these chic, Martha-approved party details! 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-04-05, 13:33:53

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