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Q: We have very tired wainscotting in our dining room, and it makes it feel so dark and gloomy. Okay to paint it?
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Help Design Mag Covet Garden Create A Print Issue!

As part of our 2life app launch, we are proud to be partnering with Covet Garden, a digital lifestyle magazine with a focus on inspired interiors.

Each month, the Toronto-based magazine shines its spotlight on one dwelling and the creative people who live there. Since its launch two and a half years ago, Covet Garden has inspired amateur and seasoned interior designers alike -- without asking for a penny in return.   

Fans of the magazine often ask founders Jessica Reid, Rhonda Riche and Lynda Felton if they have a print edition -- an unsurprising question, considering Covet Garden is precisely the type of publication you'd want to display on your coffee table, or keep on your bookshelf for future reference/inspiration. 

In order to make their dreams of creating a print issue a reality, the Covet Garden editors have started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds that will help cover the increased production costs of a printed issue. Donors will receive a shiny copy of Covet Garden Home (slated for December 2013), and, depending on your donation value, you'll enjoy added perks, such as a limited-edition tote bag with an original silk-screened image by artist Katy Dockrill, or having your living space featured on the Covet Garden blog (for Toronto residents only). How cool is that?! 

Help spread the word by sharing this link with your design/lifestyle/magazine-loving friends and help the talented women behind Covet Garden turn their virtual publication into a printed reality! Click here to learn more about their IndieGoGo campaign and to donate to the project. 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-05-22, 15:25:01

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