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Q: Once the holiday decorations come down, our house feels kind of blah—and so do we. Any decor tips to liven up our space all winter long?
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A Couple's Guide To Decorating

It's a timeless story: one partner fancies a room filled with brass accents and fresh-cut flowers, while the other thinks living-room decor consists of a flat-screen TV and a leather Lazy-Boy.

How does such a couple reconcile their vastly different tastes and create a home they both feel comfortable in? The answer just might lie in the art of gender-neutral decor.

Erin Hiemstra, a San Francisco-based designer and founder of lifestyle blog Apartment 34, has three tips for creating a room that strikes the right balance between his and hers.

1. Your big-ticket items should be masculine, meaning that you should stick with neutral tones for your wall colors and furniture, which should also have clean lines. "Nothing too curvy," says Hiemstra.

2. Use accent pieces, such as rugs, cushions and throws, to bring an element of (feminine) texture to the room.

3. Lastly, Hiemstra cautions against overwhelming the space with too many girlie accents. "Feminine pieces speak much louder than masculine ones," she says. So be sure to balance out a room's delicate vases and votives with juxtaposing items, such as an industrial lamp or wood-finished accent. 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-07-19, 12:53:36

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