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Q: We just bought a new home and have a question about some of the colours we’ve selected. We really like the idea of having chocolate- and coffee-coloured walls with lime green as our punch colour. Our great room has cathedral ceilings, dark wood floors and a two-storey bay window at the front. We want to paint at least one of the walls in chocolate but aren’t sure if it will be too dark. Our couches are a creamy-white leather. What is the best way to use the dark brown?
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Love ShackGreat tips for decorating your love nest.

Photograph of a run-down shack.

Get rid of the clutter so that you can focus on the things that really count. And make sure that you install dimmer switches to instantly set the mood.

Surround yourself with relaxing fragrances. Don’t save the scented candles and incense just for dinner parties.

Keep sexy CDs on hand and add speakers to your bedroom for a little “background” music.

Bowls of chocolate and strawberries should not be limited to the common areas. Get your fill in the bedroom as well.

Surround yourself with cozy, soft textures and fabrics—pamper yourself when it comes to bedding.

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