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Hello, Neighbor!Energetic couple Hasnain and Mahshad bring modern flair to their century-old home.

view of Hasnain and Mahshad's living room


OCCUPATIONS: Hasnain is a photographer who likes anything minimal. Mahshad is a therapist-in-training who's beginning to like winter a little more.
DWELLING: Three-story, five-bedroom, turn-of-the-century family home.

When Hasnain and Mahshad bought their century-old house, it had been completely overhauled by a conscientious albeit sales-oriented contractor. Hoping to attract as many buyers as possible, the house was washed in a sea of beige blandness. But the ambitious couple knew they could breathe new life into the sedate space. Having previously lived in an open-concept downtown condo, they imported their large-scale modern furniture and impressive light fixtures. With the addition of Hasnain's photographs, as well as objects from Mahshad's native Iran, the home has become an exuberant blend of traditional and contemporary styles.