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Liz and Clay
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Liz and Clay
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Below left: Resist the DIY urge to refinish your antiques: chipped paint adds charm! Below right: Blend modern (sleek espresso machine!) and old (vintage Mason jars).

shot of stairway and close-up of mason jars

What is your favorite room?
Liz says...
The living room. From every vantage point, I find something new about it to like. It's cozy, and I really love how the room is a perfect blend of our styles. Clay tends to be a bit more modern and streamlined than me, but our styles fuse together nicely in this room. We got the Sai Baba bust on the mantel from a great garage sale. The mantel is also where we keep our J.D. Salinger collection, including a first edition of Nine Stories. I also love our TV room, with its non-working fireplace and big bay window. We reupholstered the George Mulhauser for Plycraft chair, which was another garage-sale find.

Clay says... For me, it's the bathroom. It feels like the perfect blend of old and new. And it was the first of our many renos--I learned a lot during that process!

Liz says... The only original element left in the bathroom is the medicine cabinet. That room also feels like the perfect mix of "us": simple and modern, but with some vintage details.

bathroom with bookshelf, and room with light streaming through curtains

Above left: Bookshelf in the bathroom = brilliant! Above right: Let the light in with ribbon cinched around drapes.