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Liz and Clay
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Liz and Clay
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Below left: An inspiration board becomes a work of art onto itself. Below right: Turn a favorite frock into a decor accessory.

bulletin board covered with stuff, and a dress hanging on a mirror

If you had to choose a favorite object in your home, what would it be?
Liz says...
The Tom Waits photo by Dan Winters. It was the best-ever birthday/Christmas gift from my hubby!

Do you have a favorite moment or time of day in your home?
Liz says...
Napping with Esmé on our new back deck, which Clay built.
Clay says...I love when the afternoon light streams into the second-floor stairwell.

Anything you would change?
Liz says...
I wish we had a second bathroom with a lovely claw-footed tub. I dream of it on a daily basis!

Any future plans for your home?
Liz says...
We'd like to finish the kitchen, paint our boring white walls and spruce up the windowsills a little bit.

What original features of your home will you never get rid of?
Clay says...
The two fireplaces--though, it'd be nice if they actually worked! We also appreciate the ceiling medallions and the original turn-of-the-century solid-wood doors.

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