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Hello, Neighbor! Inside an HGTV design blogger's eclectic, DIY abode

left: front hallway; right: living room

portrait of Elana and PerSOME COUPLES HAVE it all: enviable taste, good looks and the ability to make something beautiful out of nothing.

Meet Elana and Per. She's an HGTV design blogger and DIY queen and he's a photographer, so it's no wonder their beloved Edwardian home is full of style and charm. It might seem hard to believe, but this house was furnished almost entirely with salvaged finds, from things Elana picked up off the street to flea market specials. Good design doesn't always have to mean spending a lot of money. As Per and Elana prove, it's about taking risks and following through with your vision.

OCCUPATIONS: Elana is a managing editor for HGTV and Food Network Canada with a covetable wardrobe, and Per is a photographer who can often be seen riding his motorcycle through the neighborhood.

DWELLING: A three-story detached Edwardian era home in a kid- and artist-friendly neighborhood.