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Q: My husband's comic book collection is taking over the basement, and there's no room for our toddler's toys. How do I get him to understand that his childhood has come to an end? More
Q: I’m throwing a friend’s stagette and I want it to have a sexy twist, but she’d kill me if we went to a strip club. Any other suggestions? More
Q: What’s this I hear about babymoons?  More
Q: My second wedding anniversary is coming up and I’d like to prepare a special meal at home for my wife. Any suggestions for something not overly complicated? More
Q: What do you think of all the credit cards that offer rewards, such as Air Miles, cash-back and purchase-points cards. Are they worth signing up for? More
Q: How do we make a hot tub blend with our backyard? More
Q: Can we get away with bringing an $8 or $9 bottle of wine to a dinner party?  More
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