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Q: How do we meet new like-minded couples?  More
Q: How do I tell my partner about my foot fetish?  More
Q: What is the deal with travel advisories? Should we totally avoid going to those places that have warnings? More
Q: My second wedding anniversary is coming up and I’d like to prepare a special meal at home for my wife. Any suggestions for something not overly complicated? More
Q: We’ve set up an investment program through monthly preauthorized payments. How long ’til we double our money? More
Q: Most of our furniture is contemporary to modern and very clean-lined, but we just inherited a giant antique armoire from my parents’ farmhouse. It is so different from the rest of our stuff and also much bigger, but we do like it. How do we make it work? More
Q: We’re celebrating our first anniversary this year. What’s a special anniversary drink I can whip up for my wife? More
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