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Q: At parties, my partner constantly defends an unpopular politician for whom he voted in the last election. It's becoming a bit embarrassing and I dread going out. Is there anything I can do?  More
Q: I told my fiancé that I’ve slept with five people, but the number is actually closer to 20. Is this a secret I should take to the grave? More
Q: I love shopping while I’m away, but I’m worried about being charged for overweight bags. How can I avoid it? More
Q: My foodie friends keep talking about braising meat. What is it exactly? More
Q: After we’ve made all our credit card payments at the end of the month, we have nothing left. Any suggestions for saving some dough? More
Q: What are some great starter tips for decorating on a budget? More
Q: What’s a substitute for wine to bring to a dinner? More
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