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Q: I'm a vegetarian but my husband-to-be is a carnivore. We're on the verge of moving in together, but he's upset that I won't allow meat in the house. Can a vegetarian and meat-lover ever live happily ever after? More
Q: My husband and I don’t experiment much or try anything too crazy in bed. Thing is, we’re very satisfied with our sex life. Is there something wrong with us? More
Q: What is the deal with travel advisories? Should we totally avoid going to those places that have warnings? More
Q: What are some fun and easy holiday apps/hors d’s? More
Q: We need big-time financial help. Where can we find a good money management course? More
Q: We want to paint our 1930s home but aren’t sure what colour to use on the trim as it is really tiny and looks cheap. Any suggestions? More
Q: We’re hosting a party, but can’t afford to supply all the booze. Can we suggest BYOB on the invite? More
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