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Q: I've been a cat person all my life. My fiancé is a dog person. How can we find a compromise here? More
Q: Hailey, we find it a little intimidating how many condoms there are to choose from on the market. Which types are best for what? More
Q: We’d like to try a cruise, but we’ve heard that they’re teeming with elderly folks. How can we make sure there’ll be passengers our age?  More
Q: I'm intimidated by different cuts of meat and I always default to the basics. How can I start branching out?  More
Q: My partner and I are in debt but want to start putting money toward RRSPs. How much should we contribute to an RRSP without breaking the bank any further? More
Q: What’s the rule for the width of drapery in relation to the width of a window? More
Q: If you were stuck on a desert island, what’s one vino you’d crave? More
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