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Q: My partner sometimes works unpredictably late hours. I don’t mind except he doesn’t call to let me know when he’ll be home. He gets cranky if dinner isn’t ready when he hasn’t been able to get food before coming home, which sets off a fight and we end up not talking to one another for a few days. How do we break this cycle?  More
Q: Should we be using a special cleanser to wash our sex toys? Or will plain old dish soap do the trick? More
Q: What should we look for in a travel agent? More
Q: My second wedding anniversary is coming up and I’d like to prepare a special meal at home for my wife. Any suggestions for something not overly complicated? More
Q: My partner and I want to try playing the stock market. What do you recommend we start with? More
Q: Our new house has laminate countertops. We want to enlarge the island and replace its laminate top with granite, but we can’t afford to replace the rest of the surfaces right now. Would this look funny? More
Q: I'm bored with my beer. Any ideas?  More
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