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Q: I have a serious shoe addiction. Shoes are spilling out of every closet in the house. And, while my spouse is being very patient with me, I worry I’m one pair of stilettos away from a major marital rift.  More
Q: Hailey, I really don’t enjoy my wife’s blow jobs, but I don’t know how to tell her without hurting her feelings. Suggestions? More
Q: Where can we go on our honeymoon to really stretch our travel budget? More
Q: What’s the truth behind best-before dates—can you let food go for a couple weeks past its expiration? More
Q: All our monthly income goes toward expenses. How can we ever afford a vacation?  More
Q: How often should we re-paint and update the interior of our home? More
Q: What's with everyone and their Pinot Grigio?  More
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