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Q: My partner and I are taking our first extended vacation together--a two-week trip overseas. He's been planning every second of the trip. I just want to explore and discover things. I'm worried this is going to cause a huge fight. Help! More
Q: I’m feeling guilty about the fact that I fantasize about guys other than my fiancé. What can I do to stop this? More
Q: My hotel bills are always higher than planned. How do I avoid surprises? More
Q: My second wedding anniversary is coming up and I’d like to prepare a special meal at home for my wife. Any suggestions for something not overly complicated? More
Q: Should we postpone our vacation plans given the recession? Any tips on where to go as we’re dying to get away somewhere, anywhere! More
Q: How much wood is too much in a room? More
Q: Is there really a difference between a $10 and $20 bottle of wine?  More
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