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Q: It seems our couple friends are always dropping by our condo unannounced after work and we inevitably end up feeding them. Ordering take-out is beginning to take its toll--on the wallet and the waistline. Help!  More
Q: My partner and I will be apart for several months. What can we do to keep the fire burning? More
Q: Who comes up with the star rankings for hotels and resorts? More
Q: What’s the truth behind best-before dates—can you let food go for a couple weeks past its expiration? More
Q: We don’t have any bad debt, just a car and a house to pay off. Our mortgage is open, and we have another 3 1/2 years to go on our fixed monthly car payments. We are saving for retirement already, so that’s taken care of too. What should we focus on paying down first: the car, the mortgage or both? More
Q: We'd like to plant a flowerbed—one that will look good year-round and be easy to maintain. Any tips? More
Q: We’re hosting a party, but can’t afford to supply all the booze. Can we suggest BYOB on the invite? More
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