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Royal Reading ListRequired royal reading for all wannabe princes and princesses.

Jacket cover art for William and Kate A Royal Love Story, The Royals and Kate The Making of a Princess

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story (Gallery)
By Christopher Andersen
Consider This your royal Bible. It's loaded with insider interviews that shed light on Kate's humble background, family scandals on both sides of the aisle and the royal couple's brief breakup in '07. Andersen also predicts how the pair will reinvent Lady Di's legacy, what we can expect from these very modern monarchs and their impact on the Windsor dynasty.

The Royals (Grand Central Publishing)
By Kitty Kelley
The queen of titillating tell-alls, Kitty Kelley's latest is royal handbook meets Gossip Girl. Famous for exposing skeletons in celeb closets, Kelley is at it again with her usual tongue-in-cheek candor. Frothy and fun, the book reveals some juicy--if not well-substantiated--dirt on the who's who of Buckingham Palace.

Kate: The Making of a Princess (William Morrow)
By Claudia Joseph
Gorgeous, smart, athletic--Kate Middleton has it all. But this book, complete with exclusive interviews with Kate Middleton's relatives, will make you appreciate just how hard the soon-to-be royal in-laws worked to rise from humble miners to wealthy entrepreneurs. The result? A social ladder fit for a future queen--with Kate climbing all the way to Clarence House.