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7 Royal SurprisesFor better or worse, these royal wedding moments made us stop and take a second look.

Our wish-they-were-a-couple couple of the year, Pippa and Harry.

1. "Happa" didn't happen
When they shared a late-night ride (okay, it was a shuttle bus) back to the Goring Hotel, we thought for sure the royal best man and maid of honor would continue the bridal party behind closed doors. But alas, Prince Harry and Pippa did not hook-up after the royal wedding.

2. Beckham's ass-backwards badge
It's unlike a Beckham to make a fashion faux pas, but when Posh and Becks arrived at Westminster Abbey, the famous footballer was sporting his Order of the British Empire medal on the wrong lapel. He quickly realized his error and fixed it inside the church.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice at the royal wedding. (Big Pictures UK/Keystone Press)3. Holy headwear, Batman!
Philip Treacy can defend his artistic vision all he likes, but between Princess Beatrice's antlers and royal cousin Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's gravy-boat topper, the milliner's royal catalogue boasted more misses than hits.

4. You call that a bouquet?
So what, they blew the floral budget on the Abbey arboretum (which we loved, btw) and couldn't afford a proper bridal bouquet? Don't get us wrong, Kate's little lily of the valley bundle was oh-so sweet--but oh-so tiny!

5. Chelsy "Hot Mess" Davy
Harry's on-again-off-again girlfriend rolled into Westminster Abbey looking like she'd just stumbled out of a bar with her hair messily tied back in a bun and bags under her eyes. C'mon Chelsy, you're the best man's date at the wedding of the century! Is that really the best you can do?!

6. Harry's wiggly worm
Like Harry himself, this sounds a lot more unseemly than it actually is! The loveable prince reportedly gave three-year-old bridesmaid Eliza Lopes a toy worm to play with in the carriage. The little cherub liked it so much that she held on to it straight through the official photo session!

7. Will's first time?
We were pleasantly surprised when the newlyweds emerged from Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin tricked out by the best man himself. But learner plates? Prince William's wedding day wasn't his first turn behind the wheel, leading us to wonder what Harry was hinting at with the tongue-and-cheek decoration...