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Please Like Us!How to boost your neighborhood street cred and give good couple PR.

illustration of couple waving with dog on leash

• Get yourself a dog, walk it as a couple and find other dog-owning folks to walk with or meet up with at a park.

• Host a cocktail party at your home and invite all your neighbors. This is an especially good idea when moving into a new 'hood.

• Join volunteer groups with couples on your street or colleagues from work.

• Hold a garage sale--they always bring the neighborhood together!

• Join any couple-friendly groups that you both have an interest in. For example, try a running club that meets regularly.

• Put together a charity event or fundraiser and inform local newspapers about it in order to get media attention for the charity (and you as a couple).

• Be gracious and open when meeting others at events.

• If the neighbor has kids, suggest a play date at your house so they can relax for an afternoon while you babysit.