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20 Must-Do Moments The funnest, coolest, bestest stuff you can do before September!

heads of crowd watching a rock concert

1. Mosh at a music fest!
Okay, maybe skip the mosh pit, but do get tics to an outdoor orgy for the ears. Our picks:
Cavendish Beach Music Festival, P.E.I.
Dawson City Music Festival, Yukon.
Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, Montreal.

2. Host an Olympics viewing party!
Encourage guests to come dressed as their fave sport: Think wrestling unitards, synchronized swimming caps and rhythmic gymnastics ribbons. Serve medal-worthy cocktails such as the Bodybuilding and Golden Gleam.

picnic basket with bottles of wine3. Did someone say pic-a-nic??
Pack up and take it to the park for lunch this weekend. And do it in style with this Clos du Bois set by Tracy Reese. It comes with napkins, wine glasses, corkscrew and a couple bottles of vino. ($135, Clos du Bois)

cocktail garnished with sprig of thyme4. Perfect your own signature summer cocktail
Our reco: the Thyme & Ginger Sour

2 oz. Luksusowa vodka
2 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. ginger beer
Fresh thyme, for garnish

Shake first three ingredients with ice and pour into a rock glass. Top up with ginger beer and garnish with thyme.

Snoopy doghouse sno-cone maker5. Make sno-cones!
How's this for an icy blast from the past: the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine! Make like it's 1982 and transform ice, water and sugar into pint-sized frozen treats.

6. Make your sno-cones boozy.
To make a sno-cone cocktail, fill a martini glass with crushed ice (or your Snoopy Sno-Cone) and pour one of these mixes over top:

Summer Sno Squall
1 oz. melon liqueur
1 oz. DiSaronno Originale
1 oz. cranberry juice
Garnish: melon ball

Choco Sno-Cone
1 oz. Bols Crème de Cacao White
1 oz. Bols Raspberry Liqueur
Garnish: shaved chocolate

7. Un-plan a road trip
Hop in the car for a weekend to destinations unknown. Fly--er, drive--by the seats of your pants and see where you end up. Stay at a kitschy motel and load up on small-town diner fare.

8. Mash up a signature playlist
Burn onto a CD and give out as a parting gift at your next BBQ. Stumped for ideas? Check out 2's summer playlist here.

9. Bike Ride
But ditch those '80s-era 10-speeds and cruise around town in style on some trendy two-wheelers by Canada's own, Opus Bikes.
Women's "Ivanna," $864; men's "Cervin," $584.

close-up of push lawn mower on a lawn10. Ditch your gas mower
A push mower is a great workout and better for the environment.

11. Turn your backyard/balcony/courtyard/rooftop into a drive-in
Fire up your laptop and projector, hang a white bed sheet alfresco and pick a Netflix flick! Their extensive library has movies sure to please your crowd. Just wait for the sun to set and press play for a memorable movie night. (Invite the neighbors to score a few brownie points!)

12. Host a tetherball tourney
Go old school and set up a tetherball station at the cottage or in your backyard. Don't forget the "prize"--pick up an old trophy at a thrift store, paint it a neon color and affix an inexpensive engraved plate to be awarded to the winner.

13. Run through a sprinkler
Yours or someone else's.

Happy Feet pedicure kit14. Pamper each other with at-home pedis
The Lush Happy Feet kit makes it easy. It includes a bath bomb for soaking tired toes, as well as foot scrub, mask and lotion.

15. Get your bed ready for some warm-weather romps!
For summer, the experts at Au Lit recommend crisp white sheets of pure cotton or linen. Add a hit of color with bright cushions, and switch out your winter duvet for a lightweight comforter. To fluff and freshen pillows, wash, then dry on hot with a clean tennis ball to prevent clumping.

green camera on a stick16. Watch your garden grow
The GardenWatch-Cam snaps time-lapse photos of your fruits, flowers or foliage as they blossom and bloom. Just set the camera's stake in the ground and let it go. It's also great for recording renos you might be starting this summer.

17. Mosey on over to a local rodeo
If you're out West, check out the granddaddy of all rodeos, the Calgary Stampede in July. You can also rustle up some fun at the Festivités Western Saint-Victor in Quebec or Ontario's Grand Valley Rodeo.

Coleman compact barbecue18. One word: GRILL!!
A sizzling steak hot off the barbecue just screams summer. Even if your balcony is itty-bitty, you can still make an alfresco dinner pour deux. Try a condo- or apartment-sized model like the Coleman Even Heat Small Spaces BBQ ($350, Canadian Tire). It's compact but still boasts 460 square inches of grilling room.

19. Skip the staycation... plan a playcation
Head to your local water-slide and/or amusement park. Cap off the day by finding a nearby traveling carnival or fair. Nothing says summer like getting fleeced on the midway by some smooth-talkin' carnies!

20. Croquet, anyone??
Don your best Downton Abbey-esque threads and outfit your lawn with wickets. Invite some friends to play and be sure to serve finger sandwiches and lemonade, post-match.