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Q: High tech can do wonders for a child’s development. But how much is too much?

Photograph of a young girl playing with a Rubik's cube.Lezlie says...
Parents are responsible for introducing their children to the digital world—that’s everything from ATMs to computers (which, when used appropriately, have been shown to boost a child’s cognitive abilities and interactive play). But parents are also on the hook for monitoring the use of digital tools; you don’t want children surfing the net all the time instead of reading or losing the ability to add just because they have a calculator. When little Samantha has lost all interest in building blocks over the lure of Tetris, you’ve got one big-ass problem on your hands.

Lezlie Lowe has two jobs: 1) freelance writer/broadcaster/researcher, and 2) mother of two young girls. Guess which is more difficult. Send her your parenting questions here.