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Q: Our child refuses to go number two in public toilets. Help!

Photograph of a little pair of feet and a big pair of feet visible under the bathroom stall door.Lezlie says...
Oh man. This is bad. Because first there’s the inconvenience of feeling like you can never leave the house and, physically, well, I don’t think I need to explain what happens when you don’t go when you have to go. Hopefully you can fig-ure out the reasoning: scared of poop, scared of the toilet, scared of pain (I’m betting it’s this one—even one painful bowel movement can stick in their mind and make them hold it in next time). Find the source of the anxiety and don’t get angry with the little eccentric; just see the doctor.

Lezlie Lowe has two jobs: 1) freelance writer/broadcaster/researcher, and 2) mother of two young girls. Guess which is more difficult. Send her your parenting questions here.