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Q: Why don’t friends and family tell you how much of a shock it is, how much work it is, how exhausting it is to have a baby!?

Photograph of groggy mom sleepily accepting coffee in bed.Lezlie says...
I’m thinking you didn’t sleep the night before you wrote this. Maybe for many nights before you wrote this. And you’re right: It is a lot of work. It’s hands-down brutal. But in defence of your pals and parents, would you have listened if they had told you? Would you have not gotten pregnant? I doubt it. Look, there’s no preventing the shock, work and exhaustion. But there is a halfway point to sanity: Nap when the baby naps. No exceptions.

Lezlie Lowe has two jobs: 1) freelance writer/broadcaster/researcher, and 2) mother of two young girls. Guess which is more difficult. Send her your parenting questions here.