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Q: I’m pregnant and not always in the mood for sex, so how do I get my horndog husband to back off? Also, when I am in the mood, what’s the best position for sex during pregnancy?

Lezlie says...
Be delicate: Explain as best you can your short-term aversion. When you are in the mood, jump him and hope the experience will tide him over for a while. And speaking of which, they say the best position is on the left side. But that hurts your hips. Or on your hands and knees. But depending on the position of your cervix, that can be torture. Or on top. But who wants to bounce around with all that extra weight? Easy answer: As many positions as possible for as long as you can before you have to switch.

Lezlie Lowe has two jobs: 1) freelance writer/broadcaster/researcher, and 2) mother of two young girls. Guess which is more difficult. Send her your parenting questions here.