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Q: How often should I bathe my six-month-old? (I am ashamed to say how infrequently it happens.)
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How to Breastfeed(Cuz it ain’t nearly as easy as it looks!)

Illustration of a mother nursing her child in silhouette.

• Reposition to get a good latch; if the baby’s not on your breast properly, they won’t feed well, and you’ll be sore.

• Point your nipple toward the roof of your baby’s mouth—not the back of your baby’s throat.

• Bring your baby in chin-first to the breast, instead of reaching your breast forward to your baby.

• Let your baby be the clock. Babies should nurse when they decide they’re hungry and until they’re done.

• Once you master one position, try others, like lying side-to-side.

• Watch other women breastfeed.

• Keep working at it. Breastfeeding is natural, but you both have to learn to do it. The hard work will pay off.

• When the going gets tough, the tough can reach for a glass of wine. According to La Leche League Canada—an indispensable resource for breastfeeding tips—one alcoholic beverage or less a day has not been proven to be harmful to baby.

Lezlie Lowe has two jobs: 1) freelance writer/broadcaster/researcher, and 2) mother of two young girls. Guess which is more difficult.