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Q: Why is our culture so obsessed with the “supermom/dad” thingy?
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Turn It Down! Let's face it: Many of us pump up the volume when we discipline our kids. Here's how to stop.

Count to 10
It sounds silly, I know, but it works!

Use the 10-words-or-less rule
If you give your kids a timeout, send them off with 10 words or less (for example, "Timeout for hitting your brother"). Then the only thing you should say (on repeat, if necessary) is "The timeout starts when you're quiet." (Okay, that's 11 words in total, but you get the point.)

Have an out
If there's another adult there, take advantage of that person's presence so that you can just walk away when you're ready to scream.

Remember the power of the holler
A well-timed scream works wonders, especially when it happens rarely enough that they really take notice.

What are your strategies for coping with your rambunctious ones? Share your parenting tips below!