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Q: My wife is six months pregnant and I’m sooo impatient for delivery day. She’s exhausted, always complaining about backaches, has no interest in sex and has put on a lot of weight. Aren’t I just the most selfish thing you’ve ever heard of?
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WATCH: Adorable Little Girl Reaches For The Moon

This might just be the sweetest video you'll ever watch. A little girl named Kayla excitedly spots the moon and tells her Daddy so -- "Seeeee the moon!" she says. "The moon! The moon!" 

Her Dad tells her to reach for the moon, to go get the moon, to jump for it.

"Oh, oh, I can't reach it," she says.

But the life message is there from this Dad to his daughter. Try to achieve something -- even if it's difficult. Anything is attainable. The sky is the limit. 

Watch for yourself in this video going viral...


Posted by Neil Morton
2013-02-22, 13:34:49

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