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Q: My mother is a chronic shopper and has spoiled my sister’s child. Now it’s my turn at motherhood. How do I curb her buying habits before our small house is overrun?
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Monitor Your Kids's Online Activities With MiiPC Parents often worry about their kids' internet usage. Concerns about what sites their kids are visiting and whether they're really doing their homework are common.

Well, there's good news for parents: a new device gives parents the power to create a safe environment for their family computing by controlling their children's internet usage.

MiiPC is a compact personal computer device that connects with most computer monitors and allows parents to track the usage from a mobile app.

Parents can review history of a users' online use, and can even log them out from apps and websites, or prevent future logins.

You can also specifically choose which apps and websites they can access.

MiiPC will be available in August for $99 with estimated shipping.

Would you use this device, or do you trust that your children are using the internet appropriately?     

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-08, 10:53:41

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