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How To Reconnect With Your Kids In 12 Minutes    

A typical day for any parent is very busy, and after a long day of work, some parents may feel they neglect their children.

A new study reveals that almost half (42 percent) of those questioned worry that they are not a good enough parent during the week.

Luckily, this study shows that if you turn off technology and focus on your child, you can reconnect in just 12 minutes!

The study, which came from a survey conducted by OnePoll, had questioned 2,000 parents of children aged 3-18, and many (37 percent) of the parents find it hard to turn off work mode when they get home.

Parents with no time on their hands spend the equivalent of seven days a year (39 minutes a day) trying to emotionally connect with their children.

The main issue was that parents had other things on their mind while also trying to connect with their children. Almost half, 45 percent, of parents worry about chores while trying to bond with their child.

Parenting expert and Child Psychologist Dr. Claire Halsey, commissioned the research and says parents can reconnect in 12 minutes every evening by asking open-ended questions and sharing an activity together.

"It's hard for working parents to juggle all their responsibilities and it can feel like guilt is simply a parent's lot - but it's absolutely not," says Halsey.

Research found parents spend over three hours on activities after work, including commute, dinner, chores, and work emails and calls. Preparing and eating dinner takes the longest, at 44 minutes.

By asking open-ended questions, like Halsey recommended, you can find out more about your child, and by giving your full attention this creates a great connection.

When asked what they wanted to know more from their kids, parents said, what they did in lessons at school (66 percent), their worries (58 percent) or the most favorite part of their day.

More than a quarter (29 percent) admitted they just wanted to hear their child loves them.

When I was a kid, I personally loved story time, just listening to my mom or dad was soothing, and I liked being included as well.

Other good activities would be playing a game or doing a craft if you're not too tired.

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado

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