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Q: We’re going to try to have a baby. When’s the best time of month to go for it?
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DIY For Dad: Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Idea

Raise your hand if the last time you made a gift for your parents you were yea-high and still wore your hair in pigtails. 

If you're searching for a Father's Day gift that is unique, meaningful and won't break the bank, take a cue from Martha Stewart and reproduce these paint-dipped tools for your old man. 

Martha's retooled tools look a bit girlie, thanks to the soft greens and blues that she chose, but you could recreate the effect by using more "manly" colors (perhaps those of his favorite sports team?) or trying patterns like racing stripes or a checkerboard.

Channel your inner-kindergartener and hop on over to Martha Stewart Living for instructions to recreate this easy and inexpensive DIY project that any dad would love.

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-06-10, 16:05:45

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