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10. SNAPSHOT: Kate & Her Cocker Spaniel Out For Walk & Training
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Your First Look At Will & Kate's Puppy!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 1st: The breed has been confirmed by St. Jame's Palace to be a cocker spaniel -- not a Labrador, as was first speculated -- and it's male. But they won't say the name of the cute pup (pictured at left). Kate is familar with the breed, as she had a cocker spaniel named Otto, and her parents currently have one. The dog came from a litter "with a close family connection," according to the palace.



Will and Kate have themselves a puppy!

The couple were spotted recently with the pup (see picture at left) taking a romantic stroll in the countryside of North Wales, just days after Kate's 30th.

The pup could have been a Christmas gift to Kate -- or maybe a birthday gift.

Or perhaps Kate bought it for Will, as growing up Will had a black Labrador named Widgeon.

In any case, congrats! As many young couples know, getting a dog is often the step they take before having babies!


Posted by Neil Morton
2012-01-13, 14:01:22

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