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Q&A: Kenny and SpennyChildhood friends Kenny Hotz and Spencer “Spenny” Rice have been battling it out on their hit show Kenny vs. Spenny for an impressive six seasons. Here’s what they have to say about their show, friendship and love lives.

Still from Kenny vs. Spenny.

2: What can viewers look forward to in the sixth season of Kenny vs. Spenny?
Kenny: “This season I am going to do everything in my power to make Spenny quit. I don't want him to but I'm scared I may actually kill him if we keep going!”

2: How do you preserve your friendship through all the cheating and humiliations?
Kenny: “I pretend a lot.” Spenny: “The show puts a tremendous strain on the friendship. In the end, because I’m an only child and we go back so far, Kenny has become the brother I never had and never wanted.”

2: How do you maintain your romantic relationships?
Kenny: “I’m mega horny.” Spenny: “It’s very hard. I travel back and forth a lot, and it’s exhausting. But if you love someone, it’s important to show it by making an effort.”

2: How have the ladies in your lives reacted to your antics on the show?
Spenny: “Shame, revulsion, disgust, but oddly no issue spending the cash.”

2: As friends who work and play together, what’s your advice for couples who work and play together?
Kenny: “Break up. It’s going to happen eventually. Get it over with while you’re still kinda attractive.” Spenny: “Make sure you have separate lives. Personally, I find the all-encompassing, spending-every-minute-together kind of romance to be smothering and based largely on a romantic myth. My girlfriend understands that I need me time and buddy time. I think it’s healthy for couples. If you love someone, you should set them free.”

2: As a duelling duo, what’s your advice for couples who are competitive with each other?
Kenny: “If you compete with someone you love, you’re a douche! Unless you’re competing about who can make the other person happier. See, I do have a heart.” Spenny: “Competition can add to a relationship, but can also be destructive if there is an underlying resentment about the results. If competition is creating unnecessary issues, don’t compete—unless, like me, you signed a contract to compete in a television show. My girlfriend kicks my ass on the golf course. I hate it, but I have it under control. Sure I want to tamper with her clubs, but I’m not Kenny.”