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Top 10 TV Couples Ever These "showmances" endure the test of time and, you know, reality. But hey, they also show us just how normal our real-life romances really are (most of the time).

1. Carrie & Big (Sex and the City)
After six seasons, two movies and countless pairs of Manolos, Carrie Bradshaw finally joins the ranks of coupledom for good. But can Manhattan's fave girl-about-town really commit for life? Stay tuned...

2. Jim & Pam (The Office)

The bored Dunder Mifflin receptionist and the sarcastic salesman showed us that romance really can flourish amidst inappropriate co-workers, paper products and oddly themed office parties. That's what she said!! 

3. Ross & Rachel (Friends)
They were on a break!! In spite of a few setbacks, the lovelorn paleontologist and the girl who defined '90s haircuts finally live happily ever after in TV land.

4. Marge & Homer (The Simpsons)

Like many a husband out there, he always starts out with good intentions. But his "sure-fire" shortcuts quickly spiral into draining the family savings, getting kidnapped or blowing up the town. In spite of the occasional under-her-breath grumble, Marge maintains faith in her Homey and order is restored in under 30 minutes.

5. J.R. & Sue Ellen (Dallas)

Talk about love on the rocks: Alcoholic lady driven to the edge by philandering oilman. Although J.R. had her committed, threatened to take her son away and flaunted his many affairs, Sue Ellen had the last laugh after that infamous shooting.

6. Spike & Snake (Degrassi Junior High)

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely, gee I gotta go to school... where we weren't sure which was more shocking at the time: Spike's teen pregnancy, her sky-high locks or Snake's aptly named band, Zit Remedy. But all's well that ends well--the duo later wed on Degrassi: The Next Generation, albeit with better hair.

7. Kirk & Spock (Star Trek)

Okay, so they weren't technically a couple (that we know of!), but these two confirmed intergalactic bachelors often acted like an old married couple. The Vulcan and the human always had one another's backs and made up for the others respective shortcomings. 

8. Bill & Sookie (True Blood)
Mind-reading waitress falls for proper southern gentleman--who just happens to be a century-old vampire. What's a little blood sucking between loved ones?! Gives new meaning to the notion of vamping it up.

9. Cameron & Mitchell (Modern Family

Proving that not all gay couples are buff interior decorators sporting designer jeans, slightly pudgy Cameron and uptight lawyer Mitchell adapt to life with their adopted daughter, Lily.

10. Bill & Barb & Nicki & Margene (Big Love

Just one question: Where does polygamist Bill find the stamina?! Bill somehow manages to balance the needs of his three wives: Barb, the level-headed "first" wife, uptight Nicki and the impressionable Margene.

Which TV couple do you and your mate most closely resemble? Share your comment below.