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12 Lessons Learned from Beverly Hills, 90210 Everything you need to know about life, courtesy of Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay. (Or Annie Wilson and Naomi Clark for all you new 90210 fans!)

Phorograph of the original cast of 90210.

1. Friends are forever. Except when you want to get with their boyfriend/girlfriend/ brother/sister/cousin.

2. Money and looks are no substitute for negligent parents. But a rad Porsche, a bitchin' beach house and a killer bod never really hurt anybody.

3. If you meet a really hot bartender or construction worker, he's probably a law student or a Fortune 500 heir or an aspiring rock star.

4. Color Me Badd is awesome.

5. Premarital sex = bad. Unless it's really, really meaningful.

6. Don't cheat on your virgin girlfriend with some music industry ho or else you'll get crabs.

7. Don't play with guns--especially if you're the school geek.

8. If you see your dad killed by a car bomb, he's probably alive and just in the witness protection program.

9. Getting married to the daughter of the mobster who ordered the hit on your dad is a bad idea.

10. Don't move to London because you'll never come back and they'll replace you with Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

11. Gambling is bad. Diet pills are bad. Cults are bad. Crystal meth is bad.

12. Just because you're over 30 doesn't mean you can't play a teenager on TV.