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Talk To Your Family! It's The National Day of Listening

We just love this idea!

Today is the National Day of Listening -- a day set aside for sharing stories with your loved ones.

It's an initiative by StoryCorps, an organization that's all about getting families talking, just by getting people to sit down together with a tape recorder and a few questions. Check out their website for some of the amazing stories they've collected -- and we defy you to end your browsing sesh with dry eyes!

This year, they're encouraging people to chat with the military folk in their lives -- whether it's Great-uncle Bob who served in Korea, or your neighbor who's just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. 

It's a great way to restore your sanity after a marathon day of Black Friday-ing -- and you'll be amazed at the stories people have to tell! 

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-23, 11:32:22

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