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How to Snag a Real-life Prince (and Keep Him!)
How to Snag Him
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How to Snag a Real-life Prince (and Keep Him!) Prince William’s engagement to commoner Kate Middleton only reaffirms that snagging a modern-day prince isn’t just the stuff of fairy tales. With the right attitude, in the right time and place, nabbing your own Prince Charming is but a wink, smile and bat of an eyelash away. Start with some expert dating advice from Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Take a page from her dating manual, Become Your Own Matchmaker, to find your very own white knight!

Photo of a frog wearing a crown for how to snag a prince article.

Where to Find Him
According to famed love guru Patti Stanger, stick to these specific places to find the man of your dreams and not another average Joe. Drum roll, please…

Movie theater Check out the lines for manly-man movies, like The Fighter or True Grit. Prince points: He doesn’t just veg out in his sweats and watch sports with one hand stuck in a chip bag.

School Enrol at your local college for a class you’ve always wanted to take. Prince points: He leaves his house at the same time every week for a special interest—which just happens to be the same as yours. Huge bonus!

Sushi bar Sidle up to the bar and keep your eyes peeled for other sexy solo diners. Prince points: He dines alone (read: single) and is open to a meal that doesn’t involve large quantities of beef. Plus, he has an evolved mind and appreciates other cultures.

Supermarket Hit the prepared food aisle since busy men might not be cooking from scratch. Prince points: He eats at home rather than hitting the pub for wings and beer every night.

Dog park Take Fido for a stroll and let him sniff out your very own Prince William. Prince points: He can handle the responsibility and commitment that comes with owning a dog. There must be an affectionate bone in his body. (No, not the one you’re thinking!)