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Why Men Struggle With Christmas Shopping

If you've ever found a grilled cheese maker, novelty socks or (gasp!) gas-station chocolates under the tree, courtesy of your male better-half, you'll want to hear this...

A new British survey claims to have cracked the case on why men sometimes battle to get the perfect gift for their significant other -- and it's basically because they're a little bit clueless.

Research conducted by pharmacy chain Superdrug reveals that 34 percent of men don't know what their lady friend's favorite perfume is. Just a quarter know her dress size and favorite store. A third of men can't remember the day they met their other half -- but nearly 40 percent of surveyed men are savvy as to their partner's bra size.

To be honest, we're actually quite impressed with those figures (although we're concerned that only 23 percent know their gal's shoe size -- that's essential information, fellas!). More alarming is the other personal information the men in this survey didn't know -- such as the 20 percent who don't know if their partner has any allergies. Or her middle name. Or her best friend's name. 

As for the ten percent who don't know what their girlfriend does for a living -- unless she's an international spy, those couples should probably work on their communication skills.


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-26, 10:05:43

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