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Quirky Brothers Use Craigslist To Find Wedding Dates

Two brothers from New York have embarked on an unorthodox quest to find wedding dates -- and their quirky story has gone viral!

When Dave, 28, and Mike, 24, were told by their cousin that dates were "mandatory" for her wedding, they put an ad on Craigslist looking for two ladies to apply for the positions.

Rather than scaring away prospective clients with requirements such as being sisters (or twins) that are attractive, but not so attractive that their uncle may "grope" them, the humorous ad has received over 800 responses since appearing on Reddit.

The boys made sure to include a section detailing how the dates would benefit from the situation. If the excuse to put on a nice dress and spend time with two strangers isn’t motivation enough, the "eccentric/downright dangerous bro-2-bro dance moves" won me over. 

I can envision the movie trailer for this romantic comedy already. Although the brothers have already formally stated that Ashton Kutcher will not be allowed to play either of their characters.

To address the people who would think their idea is "creepy" or that they are soon to become the Craigslist killers, Dave and Mike offered to verify their normalcy over a couple of cocktails and a game of 20 questions.

Because of their humorous angle and playful personalities, they have had an overwhelming response to the Craigslist ad. Dave and Mike have reported that they have received PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, resumes, fliers and even a response from conjoined twins.

It appears now that the brothers will have a difficult decision to make as to which ladies will be appropriate dates. Evidence suggests that no girl can turn down two quirky brothers that are Photoshopped as centaurs.

Posted by Aimee O'Connor
2013-02-21, 11:54:03

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