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Would You Give Up Your Career To Be A Lady Of Leisure?   

If you could choose to be a "lady of leisure" or work and have a career, what would you choose?

Well, new research from CouponCodes4u.com indicates that a third of women admit they would prefer to be a "lady of leisure".

The survey polled 2,135 adult women from across the US, all who are in cohabiting relationships and in full-time employment.

The question asked, “Would you prefer to work for a living, or be a ‘lady of leisure’ and have your partner look after you financially?"

According to the results, a third, 32 percent, of the women taking part said they’d prefer to be a "lady of leisure" and rely on their partner; while 55 percent claimed that they’d prefer to work for a living. The remaining 13 percent were simply unsure.

Out of those who would rather be a "lady of leisure" and looked after by their partner, 79 percent admitted that they would not feel bad about their lifestyle decision.

“While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lady of leisure, being financially independent can have its own real benefits. If you’re doing a job you love, then it makes sense to keep your career going and ensure you look after yourself financially - but each to their own," says Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4u.

Furthermore, 57 percent of the women taking part admitted that they regularly accepted money from their partner to pay for purchases and meals out. In contrast, just 17 percent of women admitted that they regularly paid for meals out for themselves and their partner.

When pressed further, the poll found that more than half of US women, 56 percent, believed that their partner should contribute more towards overall household bills if they earned more in the relationship.

When respondents were asked "Which of the following is your partner most likely to pay for in your relationship", the top results were:

1. Meal in restaurant – 79%

2. Vacation – 75%

3. Food shopping – 67%

4. Household bills – 59%

5. Cell phone bill – 56%

6. Gas – 52%

7. Appliances – 48%

8. Car – 43%

9. Salon visits – 36%

10. Clothes – 25%     

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-17, 14:39:16

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