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2Profile: Gavin Crawford & Kyle Tingley Can an extroverted, ex-mormon comedian from Lethbridge, Alta., find love with an introverted down-home writer from Cape Breton, N.S.? If you ask Gavin Crawford, star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and his partner Kyle Tingley, the answer is yes. The couple have been together 11 years—or 12, depending on which partner you ask—and they’ve managed to thrive through a transatlantic separation, hectic travel schedules and commitment phobia. 2 finds out what makes their relationship tick.

Photograph of Gavin Crawford and Kyle Tingley.

How did you meet?
Gavin says: Kyle saw me at an open mic night. I was doing my gay-country-singer character. Then he came up to me and asked if I would be in his play that was going to be part of a festival.

Kyle, did you really want him in your play? Or was it a move?
Kyle says: It was not a move, not at first anyway. I thought he was the right actor for the role.
Gavin says: Nothing happened until the end of the play. I didn’t want to make out with the writer of the play and, oh yeah, I had a boyfriend too. It was pretty rocky and it should have been over way before I met Kyle. We just dated for a year because I didn’t want to get into another relationship. I was being cagey.

Kyle, how did you cope with his cagey period?
Kyle says: I wrote him a letter while he was away working in England and said, ‘I’ve been around for a long time and I know how this works. I’ll see you later. I know you’ll be back.’ I played it cool. It was a tumultuous year.

What do you like about each other?
Kyle says: He’s cute. He’s funny. We’re best friends. There isn’t anything that’s complicated [between us].
Gavin says: He is tall and I like tall, and he has pretty eyes. When I met him, Kyle seemed very rogue to me. He was a bit political at the time. I wasn’t as out as he was, but I became more so being with him. I didn’t want 16-year-old kids to feel like I felt as a gay kid growing up in southern Alberta—like no one in the world like them exists. The only way the world is going to change that is by people pushing forward.

Any annoying habits about each other?
Gavin says: Annoying habits? I’m a comedian—we’re not known for our non-annoyingness.
Kyle says: We get in the car and he gets on the phone so I’m trapped listening to one half of a conversation for the whole drive.
Gavin says: He can be a bit too antisocial. He’ll say he doesn’t want to go out so it takes a bit of coaxing. I also don’t like his little piles of stuff everywhere. On his desk, he’ll have glasses, coffee cups and bowls.

What do you each do that cracks the other up?
Kyle says: When he mocks things he sees on TV. He’s a good mocker. He also makes up dumb songs or alternate lyrics.
Gavin says: He’ll be quiet for a long while and then he’ll say something that perfectly sums up the situation. That cracks me up—his brevity.

Have you thought about getting married?
Kyle says: It seemed politically important [at one time] because it looked like the right to same-sex marriage was going to be taken away. If we did it now, we would go to city hall and just do it and not tell anyone.
Gavin says: Let’s just say we’re going to. We’ll register and tell everyone to give us presents.