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2Profile: Ben Mulroney & Jessica BrownsteinHe’s the host of eTalk daily and Canadian Idol. She’s a clothing designer and fashion stylist. And in October 2008, they tied the knot in a small, intimate wedding with close family and friends in Montréal. 2 caught up with the couple to get a glimpse into what makes their playful and romantic relationship tick.

Photograph of Ben Mulroney and Jessica Brownstein.

On how they met:
Ben says: I just knew her as one of my brother’s really attractive friends for a few years.
Jessica says: We’ve known each other for 12 years. I knew him as the boy who would come into town every summer. He would live in Montréal just when he came to visit because he was away at school. He didn’t really have his own group of friends in the city so he’d hang out…
Ben says: …Glom on to my brother. For a long time, she had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend and nothing ever worked out. I had a crush on her for years and years.

On how they went from friends to lovers:
Ben says: It was only last March when I was single and I knew she was single that I phoned her and we went out. A few nights later, we went out for dinner on our first official date.
Jessica says: We’d get in touch every six months and say hello. We had friends in common, but we never really had the time to get to know each other. Once we did, we realized we were a good match.

On when the M word popped up:
Ben says: We’d be in the middle of a tiff, and I’d try to change the subject by saying ‘Marry me!’ and she’d shoot back ‘Get me a ring.’ And we’d joke about it that way.
Jessica says: When he’d mention it, in no way did I take him seriously.
Ben says: I had a plan. I knew within three or four months where this was going. I was tired of being her boyfriend. I wanted to be her fiancé.

On what their perfect couple day together is:
Ben and Jessica say: Wake up late, go for brunch and walk around the city and window-shop. Then hit a grocery store, buy more food than we need, go home and cook a feast. After we have gorged ourselves, we get back into bed and watch TV until we pass out, full and happy

On which TV couple they most resemble:
Ben says: We’re just like Regis and Kelly, but I have much nicer legs than Kelly...and a better tan.
Jessica says: We have a whole Ross and Rachel thing. We’ve known each other since we were young and we found out we always had secret crushes on each other!

On their partner's most annoying, yet somewhat endearing, habit:
Ben says: Jess has a way of asking the same question but in different ways: ‘What are you going to do today? Got any plans? I’m not doing anything today, what about you?’ She’d make a great FBI interrogator.
Jessica says: Ben likes to tell me his schedule—in great detail. He gets very excited about it and he believes that such exposition is a valid replacement for real conversation.

On what their friends say about them:
Ben and Jessica say: We tend to be very affectionate around them, so we get a lot of ‘Ewww… Get a room!'