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2Profile: Raine Maida & Chantal KreviazukDon’t call them the power couple of Canadian music. They see themselves as two musicians who happened to fall in love. But Raine and Chantal can’t overlook their star wattage: Raine, the front man of Our Lady Peace, is currently diving into spoken word poetry in his first full-length solo album, The Hunters Lullaby, and Chantal is the songwriter with four records under her belt—a bulging belt, in fact, as the couple are expecting their third child. Here’s what they have to say about their relationship, their kids and the impact music has on their lives.

Photograph of Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk.

On how they met:
Chantal says: It was a Pearl Jam concert on September 21, 1996. We hung out at the show, he drove me back to my hotel, and I ended up calling him later that night. I knew right then I was going to marry him. He was the man for me.
Raine says: We became good friends over the phone. We expressed ourselves and were forced to talk about a lot of things without seeing each other physically, because of my schedule with Our Lady Peace and her touring schedule. To start on that front was a real challenge, but it also felt natural.

On keeping their relationship strong despite busy schedules:
Raine says: We work together a lot. On my most recent tour, Chantal is playing keyboards and singing with me. For her tour, I opened for her. We realized a while ago that it’s important to not let the music industry dictate our relationship or our lives.
Chantal says: Raine is not only my husband but also my best friend. I miss him when he’s not around. We’re just completely intertwined.

On how having children has changed their lives:
Raine says: Our kids [Rowan, 4, and Lucca Jon, 3] need to be with us, and we need to be with our kids. Music means everyone is together. They have total access on our tours, meaning they’re running around with us, and we want them to know we’re there for them.
Chantal says: Being a parent is a trip. Having kids makes you re-evaluate life and makes you think about everything, every single relationship. Raine and I have these soon-to-be-three little people who are becoming members of our audience and we’ll be judged and interpreted by them. They’re our most important little fans.

On how music influences their kids:
Raine says: Music is always around. Yesterday, Rowan was on the stage singing, microphone in hand, thanking people for coming out to the show. [Raine was on tour in support of his solo album.] We want music to be there for them so they always have fun and can express themselves.
Chantal says: Music makes for an open brain and heart. Kids have to have something to be passionate about so they can be well-adjusted. We want to tell them you don’t have to have one career—you can do many things.

On their relationship philosophy:
Raine says: Our personalities are strong enough that we both adhere to our own sense of self. As a couple, we have to be realistic about the ebb and flow. There are going to be great days and bad days, and we have to enjoy all.
Chantal says: I agree, because we’re able to maintain separate identities, despite how much time we spend together. And that’s probably one of the greatest tricks to creating our strength as a couple.