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11 Awesome Ways to Say I Love You Here are special ways real couples have showed each other the love.

Illustration of couple in silhouette, holding hands.“Making dinner and doing the dishes when I’ve had a long day.” —Trudy, Hampton, N.B.

“She thinks I watch way too much soccer, but she bought me a Toronto FC season ticket.” —Justin, Toronto

“It could be the briefest touch when we passed in a hallway.” —Donna, Louisdale, N.S.

“He surprised me with a spa day…just because!” —Tina, Toronto

“We met briefly in Austria when I was 19. Eight years later I found him again on the web back in Canada. He sent me a package with a birthday card for every year we were apart. We married in 2005.” —Heather, Calgary

“My wife and kids sent me to the Detroit Tigers Fantasy Baseball Camp in Lakeland, Florida.” —David, Toronto

“He couldn’t pick me up at the airport so he put ‘I missed you’ Post-it Notes all over the house—inside shoes, shirt cuffs, on mirrors, everywhere!” —Caroline, Toronto

“On Valentine’s Day he came over with a cooler of food and wine, wearing a tux. He cooked the most amazing dinner while I put on a nice dress. Let’s just say he got his just desserts.” —Tina, Toronto

“When he said: ‘I was asleep all my life until I met you!’” —Judy, Ottawa

“Popping by the office to get my car keys to have my car washed and detailed.” —Sylvia, Kingston, Ont.

“I kidnapped him for a weekend alone and dinner theatre.” —Louise, Pickering, Ont.