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exp_haileydai.png Hailey Dai, Sexpert

Sexpert Hailey Dai answers your burning questions.

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My wife and I have dress-up nights. Her outfits always rock, but I need some more creative options. I'm at a loss—got any ideas for a man who wants to surprise his lady?
I'm finding that penetration is hurting quite a bit lately. What should I do?
I'm not in the mood for sex these days. My fiancée thinks I'm not attracted to her, but I am just not into it at all right now. Help!
My partner has told me she has some pretty crazy fantasies about bondage and being choked and stuff, and I'm really not comfortable with that. I don't know how to handle it. Any ideas?
I'm a new mom and I'm a bit freaked out about having sex for the first time post-baby. What should I expect?
Even though he denies it, I know my husband looks at porn. But I'm okay with that--in fact, it's something I'd like for us to enjoy together. How can I convince my hubby to let me be part of his fetish?
When my wife and I have sex (which isn't often these days), I feel like I'm the only one participating. When I told her what was bothering me, she insisted that it was all in my head. The lack of intimacy and connection between us is starting to make me d
What’s the deal with “natural family planning”? Is it actually a viable form of birth control?
Should we be using a special cleanser to wash our sex toys? Or will plain old dish soap do the trick?
My hubby and I are very uninhibited in the bedroom—with one exception: I only like to have sex in complete darkness. I’ve put on a lot of weight since we got married and I just don’t feel beautiful anymore. Help!