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Q: Even though he denies it, I know my husband looks at porn. But I'm okay with that--in fact, it's something I'd like for us to enjoy together. How can I convince my hubby to let me be part of his fetish?

Now here's a fun assignment: Find the right porn! Not everything that turns him on will turn you on--and vice versa. Consider browsing around on your own first so that you can bring some suggestions to the table. Nothing kills the mood like a fit of giggles when confronted with something you're not into. You can check out previews and sneak peeks of all types of naughty films (for free!) at PornoTube.com. But remember: Some people like to keep their porn consumption to themselves. If he's not up for sharing his "hobby", don't take it as rejection--that may just be his preference.

Hailey Dai is a young woman living in a committed relationship. She quite enjoys sex. Click here to send her your questions.